Trick & Combo List

This page contains a list of the fundamental tricks in the American Trickline Association scoring system and a list of common combos. Each item in the tick list includes the trick name, the trick abbreviation (which can be used when scoring the trick using our scoring software), a picture of an athlete performing the trick, and a wireframe visualization of the biomechanical model used to generate the difficulty value for the trick (for more information see the rules section of our website). This list is still incomplete and does not yet contain all the tricks supported by the scoring software but it is growing all the time. If you have tricks to suggest or would like to submit photos of tricks use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page!

Score Your Own Trick

One of the most powerful aspects of the American Trickline Association scoring system is that it can score any trick you can describe, even tricks that have never been landed before! To learn how to describe tricks check out our scoring tutorial videos. Try it out by typing your trick in the box below!

Comparing Trick Values

Points do not scale linearly in our scoring system which means comparing trick values directly can be misleading. If 'TrickA' is worth three times as much as 'TrickB' it DOES NOT mean that landing TrickB three times will earn an athlete the same amount of points as landing TrickA once. To help you get a better feel for the relationship between different tricks we've created a tool which can tell you how many times an athlete would need to land TrickA for them to score as many points as they would if they landed TrickB once. Try it out!

Name Abbreviation Category Base Score Wireframe
Name Breakdown Score