Trick & Combo List

This page contains a list of the fundamental tricks in the American Trickline Association scoring system and a list of common combos. Each item in the tick list includes the trick name, the trick abbreviation (which can be used when scoring the trick using our scoring software), a picture of an athlete performing the trick, and a wireframe visualization of the biomechanical model used to generate the difficulty value for the trick (for more information see the rules section of our website). This list is still incomplete and does not yet contain all the tricks supported by the scoring software but it is growing all the time. If you have tricks to suggest or would like to submit photos of tricks use the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the page!

Score Your Own Trick

One of the most powerful aspects of the American Trickline Association scoring system is that it can score any trick you can describe, even tricks that have never been landed before! To learn how to describe tricks check out our scoring tutorial videos. Try it out by typing your trick in the box below!

Comparing Trick Values

Points do not scale linearly in our scoring system which means comparing trick values directly can be misleading. If 'TrickA' is worth three times as much as 'TrickB' it DOES NOT mean that landing TrickB three times will earn an athlete the same amount of points as landing TrickA once. To help you get a better feel for the relationship between different tricks we've created a tool which can tell you how many times an athlete would need to land TrickA for them to score as many points as they would if they landed TrickB once. Try it out!

Name Abbreviation Category Base Score Wireframe
Tuck TCK Air 0.00701 Wireframe
Layout LAY Air 0.00078
Scratch SCR Air 0.00216
EagleRight EGLR Contact 0.38317
LadyBounce LYD Contact 0.19038 Wireframe
TruckDriver TRK Air 0.00483 Wireframe
DropkneeLeft DKL Contact 0.28308
Blunt BLT Air 0.00520 Wireframe
Flat FLT Air 0.00487 Wireframe
GambitGrabLeft GGL Contact 0.33248
SafetyGrab SFTY Air 0.01161 Wireframe
FootPlantRight FPR Contact 0.29494
FootPlantLeft FPL Contact 0.29494
ForwardBend FWDB Contact 0.36388
SquirrelGrab SQL Air 0.00487 Wireframe
CrookSwitch CRKS Contact 0.13081
Buddha BDH Contact 0.22379 Wireframe
Open OPN Air 0.00139
Handstand HDSTD Contact 0.48329
CrossoverTruckDriver XTRK Air 0.00759
FrontSplitLeft FSL Contact 0.19593
HandBalance HBL Contact 0.31917
Superman SPR Air 0.00554 Wireframe
ShoulderBounce SB Contact 0.33140
Japan JPN Air 0.00508 Wireframe
Crook CRK Contact 0.13081 Wireframe
DiagonalStandLeft DSTDL Contact 0.34231
LadyBounceSwitch LYDS Contact 0.19038
CosmicBuddha CBD Contact 0.26814
TuckBlunt TKBLT Air 0.00625
SpreadEagle SPREAG Air 0.00554 Wireframe
MichaelJackson MJ Contact 0.39702
SoulFood SLF Contact 0.49203 Wireframe
DripDrop DRPDRP Contact 0.26617
Crossover XOVR Air 0.00320 Wireframe
ButtBounce BB Contact 0.12500 Wireframe
HighChair HCH Air 0.00312 Wireframe
BuddhaSwitch BDHS Contact 0.22379
HalfSquirrelRight HFSQR Air 0.00286
Chestbounce CB Contact 0.15270 Wireframe
Egg EGG Contact 0.24704
DropkneeRight DKR Contact 0.28308
GambitGrabRight GGR Contact 0.33248
HalfSquirrelLeft HFSQL Air 0.00286
CanOpener CNO Air 0.00394
BuddhaGrab BDG Air 0.01498
DoubleFootPlant DFP Contact 0.19617
ElbowLever EL Contact 0.31759 Wireframe
ToesinAir TIA Contact 0.36903
Mute MTE Air 0.02805 Wireframe
SpraddleLeft SPDL Contact 0.16160
Yokohama YOK Air 0.00216 Wireframe
OneArmLeverRight OALR Contact 0.32807
SideBuddha SBD Contact 0.22948
Seatbelt STBLT Air 0.02013 Wireframe
Twist TWS Air 0.00424 Wireframe
OneArmLeverLeft OALL Contact 0.32807
SpraddleRight SPDR Contact 0.16160
DoubleDropknee DDK Contact 0.29216
ChristAir CST Air 0.00554 Wireframe
KneelAir KNLA Air 0.00065 Wireframe
Shifty SHFTY Air 0.00866 Wireframe
DropkneeWalkLeft DKWL Contact 0.24463
Pike PK Air 0.01697
FrontSplitRight FSR Contact 0.19593
EagleLeft EGLL Contact 0.38317
TuckedTwist TKTWS Air 0.01247
DropkneeWalkRight DKWR Contact 0.24463
RestlessSoulFood RSLF Contact 0.38513
Boneless BNLS Air 0.00394 Wireframe
DiagonalStandRight DSTDR Contact 0.34231
Backbounce BKB Contact 0.45490 Wireframe
Kneel KNL Contact 0.25930
Stand STD Contact 0.31962 Wireframe
CrossoverSafety XSFTY Air 0.01883 Wireframe
Sticky STY Contact 0.10855
HorizontalTwist HTWS Air 0.00035
Name Breakdown Score
Buttbounce180bs bb,<180z/tws,bb 0.795
Crook180bs crk,<180z/tws,bb 0.9
MojoTapSpin180bs cb,<180x/flt,cb 1.35
Buttbounce180bsToFeet bb,<180z/tws,std 1.481
Ascension180bs cb,<90y/<180z/tws,bb 1.542
FreeFall180bs bb,>90y/<180z/tws,cb 1.563
Buttbounce360bs bb,<360z/tws,bb 1.884
Crook360bs crk,<360z/tws,bb 2.115
Standing180bs std,<180z/tws,std 2.164
NastyChest bb,>90x/>180y/>90z/tck,cb 2.656
Ascension180bsToFeet cb,<90y/<180z/tws,std 2.71
Ascension360bs cb,<90y/<360z/tws,bb 2.802
FreeFall360bs bb,>90y/<360z/tws,cb 2.945
Spiralbs cb,<360z/htws,cb 3.126
Buttbounce360bsToFeet bb,<360z/tws,std 3.671
Skydive bb,<270y/flt,cb 4.086
Buttbounce540bs bb,<540z/tws,bb 4.726
Buttflip bb,>360y/tck,bb 4.83
ButtBackflip bb,<360y/tck,bb 4.83
MojoFlatSpin360bs cb,<360x/flt,cb 4.963
Ascension360bsToFeet cb,<90y/<360z/tws,std 5.155
Crook540bs crk,<540z/tws,bb 5.275
FrogFlip cb,<360y/tck,cb 5.314
SickNasty bb,>90x/>180y/>90z/hch,bb 5.415
Ascension540bs cb,<90y/<540z/tws,bb 5.73
Standing360bs std,<360z/tws,std 6.211
FreeFall540bs bb,>90y/<540z/tws,cb 6.214
ChestFlip cb,>270y/tktws,bb 6.293
SkandyFlipbs bb,<180z/>360y/tck,cb 6.302
StandingSkydive std,<270y/flt,cb 6.916
Fearless bb,>450y/tck,cb 7.899
CartwheelLeft >180x/_ctwl,_ctwc,>180x/_ctwr 8.294
ButtflipToFeet bb,>360y/tck,std 8.536
ButtBackflipToFeet bb,<360y/tck,std 8.536
FrogFliptoButt cb,<450y/tck,bb 8.817
Blenderbs cb,<360z/<180x/htws,cb 9.024
Buttbounce540bsToFeet bb,<540z/tws,std 9.491
EstonianButtBackflip bb,<450y/tck,bkb 9.823
BackTastictoChest bkb,>450y/tck,cb 10.63
BackTastic bkb,>450y/tck,bb 10.732
Buttbounce720bs bb,<720z/tws,bb 10.859
ChestFlipToChest cb,>360y/tktws,cb 10.932
Ascension540bsToFeet cb,<90y/<540z/tws,std 10.961
BaximusLeft bkb,>180y/<180z/tws,bkb 11.164
Ascension720bs cb,<90y/<720z/tws,bb 11.571
Skyfallbs bb,<270y/<360z/tktws,cb 11.632
FreeFall720bs bb,>90y/<720z/tws,cb 12.819
DoubleSpiralbs cb,<720z/htws,cb 14.563
FrogFliptoFeet cb,<450y/tck,std 15.623
MojoFlatSpin540bs cb,<540x/flt,cb 16.035
StandingFrontFlip std,>360y/tck,std 17.488
StandingBackFlip std,<360y/tck,std 17.488
Standing540bs std,<540z/tws,std 17.586
FrogFullbs cb,<360y/<360z/tktws,cb 17.857
MasonFlipbs bb,>360y/<360z/tktws,bb 18.034
AngelFlipbs bb,<360y/<360z/tktws,bb 18.034
BackTastictoFeet bkb,>450y/tck,std 18.34
EstonianBackflip std,<450y/tck,bkb 18.483
AngelFliptoFeetbs bb,<360y/<360z/tck,std 20.432
Ascension900bs cb,<90y/<900z/tws,bb 22.066
Buttbounce720bsToFeet bb,<720z/tws,std 22.2
Buttbounce900bs bb,<900z/tws,bb 22.441
FreeFall900bs bb,>90y/<900z/tws,cb 24.787
Impossiblebs bb,>450y/<360z/tktws,cb 28.05
DoubleButtflip bb,>720y/tck,bb 28.24
FrogFulltoButtbs cb,<450y/>360z/tktws,bb 29.484
Ascension1080bs cb,<90y/<1080z/tws,bb 39.454
Buttbounce1080bs bb,<1080z/tws,bb 42.243
Standing720bs std,<720z/tws,std 43.235
Buttbounce900bsToFeet bb,<900z/tws,std 46.355
DoubleButtflipToFeet bb,>720y/tck,std 55.553