2017 Worldwide Combo Jam

The American Trickline Association's 2017 Worldwide Combo Jam begins Monday, October 16th! The WWCJ is an online trickline competition with a revolutionary format designed for amateurs and professionals alike with the largest prize purse in trickline history.

Each week the ATA will post a new combo that's missing a few tricks. Film yourself completing the combo with any trick that fits in the blank, then score and upload your video using our scoring software! Harder tricks will earn you more points. $10,000 USD will be divided among all competitors according to points scored.

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Mission Statement

The mission of the American Trickline Association is to provide rules and guidelines for trickline competitions to create a healthy, fair, transparent, safe, competitive environment that motivates athletes to push the boundaries of the sport and captures and engages spectators.

The American Trickline Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to the following purposes:

  • To promote the growth, development, and public awareness of the sport of competitive tricklining.
  • To set rules, regulations, and guidelines for trickline competitions which create a fair, safe, and competitive environment. To sanction and conduct competitions around the world and to ensure that sanctioned competitions are carried out according to the rules and regulations set forth by the Association.
  • To ensure that athletes' interests are fairly represented and considered in all sanctioned competitions and to determine the eligibility of athletes to participate in sanctioned competitions.

Guiding Principles

Though the details of the competition structure described by this organization may change, the system must always adhere to the following principles.

This system must measure the skill of tricklining

Tricklining is the act of performing complex body movements on a slackline.

This system must be accurate

The most skillful trickliner should always be ranked first, the second most skillful trickliner should always be ranked second, and so on.

This system must be fair

An athlete's rank should not depend on the specifics of the competition structure (such as where they are placed in a bracket).

This system must be numerical

The system must provide clear guidelines for assigning a numerical score to an athlete's performance.

This system must be transparent

The scoring system must be publicly available and understandable to any person inclined to read the rulebook in its entirety.